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About Us

Tensil Labglass was founded in 1980 to manufacture scientific, laboratory and industrial glassware. We continue to innovate and pursue our mission to emerge as one of the finest glass blowers in the world. Our aim is to minimize turnaround time and maintain consistent quality.

Located in Bangalore, the Technology capital of India, Tensil Labglass has consistently been the industry innovators in custom glassware design and offer complete solutions in design and fabrication of laboratory glassware for the research and industrial chemists.

Our strength emanates from our team of over one hundred skilled glassblowers who are on par with best. We are one of the largest fabricators of borosilicate laboratory glassware in India with an unparalleled reputation for the manufacture of quality products. Our products are manufactured according to international standards. We have been in the field for over 40 years and draw upon our vast experience to maintain these high standards in our products.

In addition to the perpetual development and manufacture of the Tensil brand lab Glassware products and other laboratory metal hardware, we are also authorized distributors for SCHOTT DURAN Glassware in the state of Karnataka and have continually added a wide range of lab accessories to our product line. These accessories include, GLAS-COL USA, Arrow Engineering USA, entire range of products, a wide variety of stirrers, vacuum pumps, SENCO Rotary evaporators, Oil baths, temperature controllers, heating mantles, Lab Jacks clamps, boss heads, rubber tubing’s and retort stands, etc.



We are situated in technology capital of India, Bangalore. We are operating from 2 units spread over 45000 sq feet, our well equipped manufacturing facility consists of a range of modern glass working equipments to manufacture entire ranges of laboratory glassware. The production capability includes glass-forming, blowing, threading, grinding, sintering, polishing and glass ambering.

Spread over 45,000 square feet, employing over a-hundred experienced glass blowers, the manufacturing facility utilizes contemporary world-class technology. Tensil is the first company in Asia to use automatic joint making and grinding machines. In India, we are the first company to use joint testing machine to test accuracy of ground joints. Extensive quality control is employed through the manufacturing process, with thickness testers to see uniformity of glass flasks, polariscope to test strain in glass and vacuum gauge to test vacuum holding capacity in stopcocks and screw valves, ensuring that the products confirm to international standards and meets quality requirements of the customers. The laboratory glassware manufactured in our facilities, are made to specifications confirming to ISO, DIN, ASTM, BIS, BSI and USP standard. Our facilities have the capacity to support production for OEMs and private labeling.

Our machineries and good team of skilled, workforce are there to accept any challenges posed by our customers.

We have an ongoing product development and constant up-gradation of our manufacturing facilities to meet our growing global market requirements.



We are committed to manufacture and supply of glassware and laboratory equipments to the specification consistently aimed at total customer satisfaction with the best efforts of our people, operation, process and continually improve in all areas of our business.

Tensil Labglass is the one of the few companies in world that has a Tapered ground joint testing machine that tests the accuracy of the ground joints. Extensive quality control is employed through the manufacturing processes with thickness testers to see thickness and uniformity of the flasks, strain viewers, vacuum gauge to test the vacuum in stopcocks and screw cocks.

The laboratory glassware manufactured in our facility are made to specifications confirming to ISO, DIN, ASTM, BIS and BIS standards.

Being an ISO 9001-2000 Certified Company, highest attention to detailed adherence is given. We build total quality systems and have genuine concern for enhanced customer satisfaction. The products are tested, inspected, packed and shipped with high level of control. 


We supply to all the leading R&D institutions, Universities, Process Industries, Pharmaceutical R&D and Pharmaceutical Industries. We have the quickest turnaround time for custom glassware, comparable to industry standards. We are involved with the following industries.

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemical
  • Quality Control
  • Process
  • Combichem & Drug Discovery
  • Biotechnology
  • Research Institutions
  • Educational Institutions
  • Research & development labs
  • Environmental Laboratories
  • Contract Research & Custom Synthesis Lab.

We also manufacture our products for OEM and provide private labeling.

Our products are also exported to USA, United Kingdom, Germany , Czech Republic, Belgium, South Africa, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia Ireland, Mauritius, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait.


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